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釋演古典(Playing Classical)@Neo Sound 8 ISSUE

iii-Hong Kong
No One Pulse(Sin:Ned+KWC)-Hong Kong
協辦:涼茶舖、We Play! Records、Re-Records
地址:深圳市南山區恩平路華僑城創意文化園OCT-LOFT F3棟墨客空間“涼茶舖”(一渡堂北側)

實驗電聲樂團No One Pulse,則以電聲學的概念化角度思考古典作為一個實體的可能性。


No On Pulse是一個由黃仲輝(Sin:Ned)及巢建威於2006年組成的一個香港實驗電聲樂團。以非樂器製樂,以即興電音探索有關於隨機性、混沌結構及微聲學法則的造聲概念。二人同時亦是實驗音樂廠牌Re-Records之創辦人。

iii-Hong Kong
No One Pulse(Sin:Ned+KWC)-Hong Kong

Organizer:Neo Sound
Co-organizer:Liangcha Shop,We Play! Records,Re-Records
Time:20:30 24.04.2010
Venue:Liangcha Shop
Add:F3 Block,OCT-LOFT,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen

Music genres benders iii, continues to utilize their edge cutting electronic sounds to reassemble the world of classical music.
Electo-acoustic duo No One Pulse, on the other hands, takes the classical world as a physical object, and re-think it as a bunch of unrealized potentialities.

iii is a sample-based laptop group who works on the idea of genres bending. With no fixed members and always in flux, members of iii not only sample from their source materials, but also sample one another other and re-sample themselves on stage.
iii loves canto-pop and all kinds of outdated cheesy tune and popular icon. But depending on the occasion, one might also spot them playing something else.

No One Pulse is an experimental / electro-acoustic duo from Hong Kong, formed by Wong Chung-fai (Sin:Ned) and Chau Kin-wai (KWC) in 2006. By means of non-musical instruments and devices, the two aim to explore the conceptual application of free improvisation and free-from electronics that embraces randomness, chaotic structure, and microsound methodology. The duo is also the mastermind behind the experimental imprint Re-Records.



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