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Neo Sound 5 ISSUE:Wilson Tsang(曾永曦)

Zen Lu(深圳)-環境/電子
Day 0(深圳)-視覺藝術
協辦:涼茶舖、We Play! Records
地址:深圳市南山區恩平路華僑城創意文化園OCT-LOFT F3棟墨客空間“涼茶舖”(一渡堂北側)


Wilson Tsang(Hong Kong)-Classical/Acoustic/Experimental
Zen Lu(Shenzhen) -Ambient/Electronica
Day 0(Shenzhen)-Visual Art
Organizer:Neo Sound
Co-organizer:Liangcha Shop,We Play! Records
Time:20:30-22:30 2010 03 13
Venue:Liangcha Shop
Add:F3 Block,OCT-LOFT,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen

曾永曦(Wilson Tsang)
除了音乐创作之外,曾亦同时活跃于本地之视艺工作包括公开其画作及参与不同大小的展览,曾并为本港不同之刊物及杂志作插图;于96年,曾编绘及出版其创作故事集"12 Tales in 11 Monochromes",并得到香港艺术发展局资助。
曾共出版了4张个人音乐专集,分别为STUCK IN TRAFFIC (2003), LITTLE COLD RED (2005), NIGHT SUITE (2006) 及WHALE SONG (2008).
Wilson Tsang is a visual artist, graphic designer, song writer and a poet. Throughout the past 10 years and more, he has worked and collaborated with different local artists in various projects and deciplines such as magazines, exhibitions, theatres and concerts. Funded by HKADC (Hong Kong Art Development Council) in 1996, Wilson published his first work TWELVE TALES IN ELEVEN MONOCHROMES which showcased his illustrations and short stories. Wilson has also been working his music into various media such as animation (LONELY MOON and VERY FANTASTIC by Stella So Man Yee), theatre (ENDING THE WORLD - a play by Andy Ng for the 2006 HK Arts Festival; 4.48 PYSCHOSIS - a Sarah Kane play directed by Alex Cheung) and film (THIS DARLING LIFE directed by ANGELINA CHEN, 2008). At the end of 2005, Wilson was on tour as a live performer for the cross-country production 333 DANTE (a 3-part production collaborated among Taipei, Hong Kong and Japanese theatrical groups). In early 2010, Wilson held an exhibition RUMBLE AND REMEDY which featured his latest paintings in INDEXG, Toronto. Wilson has so far published 4 solo CDs including STUCK IN TRAFFIC in 2003, LITTLE COLD RED (marketed by Harbour Records) in 2005, NIGHT SUITE (mini CD) in 2006 and WHALE SONG (2008) by Lona Records. Wilson currently works as a graphic creative director in China.



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